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What We Want to Know

(What you see and hear!)

Is there a problem with the picture?
        Is the picture missing entirely?
        Is the picture distorted?
                Is the color missing?
                Are the wrong colors being displayed?
                Is the picture blocky?
                Is the picture fuzzy?
                Is the picture shaky?
                Is the picture rolling across the screen or up and down the screen?

Is there a problem with the audio?
        Which channels have speakers connected?
                Left, right, center, surround left, surround right, surround back left,
                surround back right, zone2 left, zone2 right?
        Is the audio missing entirely?
        Is the audio distorted?
                Is there a hum?
                Is there a popping?
                        How many pops?
                Is there a crackle?
                Is there a static noise?
        How loud is the distortion?
                Is it louder than the source audio?
                Does it go up and down with the volume control?
        Does the volume change on its own?
        Do the speaker balance settings change on their own?
        Is the problem in all channels (speakers)?
                Which channels?
                        Do other speakers fail when connected to the same terminals?
                        If it's in zone2, are you using speaker outputs or pre-outs?

Is the problem intermittent?
        How often do the symptoms occur?
        For how long at a time?

Does the problem occur using any/all inputs?
        Which inputs?
                HDMI, component, composite, etc.
        Does a different source device work in the same input?
        Is the problem with up conversion from composite or component to HDMI?

Does the problem occur using any/all source devices?
        Which device(s)?
                Is this a playback (CD, DVD, BD) device?
                        DVD players - Can you play DVDs, CDs, and Super Audio Discs?
                        Blu-ray - Can you play Blu-rays, DVD, CDs, and SACD discs?
                Is the problem with your tuner?
                        What kind of antenna are you using? Regular FM or HD FM?
        Does your disc fail when used in other devices?
        Does this device fail using a different input?
        Does this device fail when connected to different equipment?
        Does your USB input function?

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