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Rambling Notes


I was talking to Dan Edwards (porschecab) today about the nature of the industry. He's out on the west coast and sells a lot of used high-end gear. I'm in Central Texas and we repair a lot of high-end gear. We were both bemoaning the fact that my industry is very much in decline. One of the best service centers we know of is the now defunct L&M in the Bay Area (their closure was recent). We met at Bang & Olufsen training, became service centers and I still am.

I know Wolfgang and Dan knows Wolfgang. Seems a it's a fairly small world. One of the other repair shops in the Los Angeles area is George Meyer. I also know Morris and Dan knows Morris.

Dan & I talked about a lifelong love of high-end JBL drivers, McIntosh equipment, etc.... Then we went on to discuss that my company Pyramid Audio needs to let people know that we are here. I started in the industry in 1976 working at a regional service center in Houston where I learned about (then current) high end brands such as Marantz, Yamaha, Pioneer, Sony and Sansui.

So here we are! Pyramid Audio has been in business since 1980. Eventually I had to choose between finishing my master's degree in electrical engineering and staying with the business that I started in 1980. I stayed with the business and 37 years later it's still doing pretty well. I still have all of my original paper service manuals plus collections that I have acquired from other stores that have closed.


Not sure why you can't see your picture? Change the receiver input to FM/tuner. You should be able to see the on-screen display /OSD. Then try additional inputs, because of the way the circuit boards are built, you may find that some inputs work and some do not.

Common damage due to poorly grounded cable systems cause the Cable/TV input and the Hdmi output to fail. An alternative is to use a different input and the second HDMI output if you have one.

With the implementation of HDCP 2.2 older televisions with new sources MAY not display a picture. Some cable boxes update themselves. So Without your knowledge your cable box is no longer compatible with your older equipment. HDfury makes a product called LINKER that may solve your problems.

For More info: www.CNET.com/news/HDCP-2-2-what-you-need-to-know/