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Rambling Notes


I was talking to Dan Edwards (porschecab) today about the nature of the industry. He's out on the west coast and sells a lot of used high-end gear. I'm in Central Texas and we repair a lot of high-end gear. We were both bemoaning the fact that my industry is very much in decline. One of the best service centers we know of is the now defunct L&M in the Bay Area (their closure was recent). We met at Bang & Olufsen training, became service centers and I still am.

I know Wolfgang and Dan knows Wolfgang. Seems a it's a fairly small world. One of the other repair shops in the Los Angeles area is George Meyer. I also know Morris and Dan knows Morris.

Dan & I talked about a lifelong love of high-end JBL drivers, McIntosh equipment, etc.... Then we went on to discuss that my company Pyramid Audio needs to let people know that we are here. I started in the industry in 1976 working at a regional service center in Houston where I learned about (then current) high end brands such as Marantz, Yamaha, Pioneer, Sony and Sansui.

So here we are! Pyramid Audio has been in business since 1980. Eventually I had to choose between finishing my master's degree in electrical engineering and staying with the business that I started in 1980. I stayed with the business and 37 years later it's still doing pretty well. I still have all of my original paper service manuals plus collections that I have acquired from other stores that have closed.