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Special Projects

Over the years, we've learned more than just stereo repair. Check out some of our latest projects below!


PCM1704/D20400 Replacement

For Levinson No35, No30.5

Ultra Analog made a D/A converter designated D20400. It had fantastic performance even by today’s standards.
Unfortunately they were failure prone, and the company went out of business with no notice. Every manufacturer that used this part was stranded without replacements, including Levinson, Parasound, and Manly.
In support of the Levinson No35 and No30.5, we developed a replacement based on the No30.6. All hope is not lost, we can support your classic D/A converter.
Call for price.

D20400 replacement for Levinson No35, No30.5

Pinoneer CDJ-800MK2

Professional DJ CD/MP3 player

Typical repair: $154 + tax + S&H
The lasers in this unit go bad, often.
We know our way around Pioneer pro DJ.

JBL Synthesis S650

Power amplifier

Typical repair: $290 + tax + S&H
A very quiet amp, perfectly suited for high efficiency speakers.
The capacitors dry up over time, causing gain changes or a loss of bass. We'll make it sound like new!

Genie HB600-24

A.K.A. Signet 96211. Industrial battery charger for scissor lifts

Typical repair: $149 + tax + S&H
Over the last three years, we've repaired over 46 HB600-24B industrial battery chargers. Thats from just one local Volvo Rents facility.
The replacement cost is several times what we charge to make your's reliable.
We will replace parts with a history of failure with improved parts and add new connectors to the wiring as needed. Includes testing to verify 24V, 19A output.



- Detailed Info Coming Soon!


Sequential Turn Signals for Corvettes, Impalas, etc.

Originally developed for the '94 Impala SS, the BlinkBlink is a sequential turn signal module for vehicles with three brake lights, modelled after the mid 60's Tbirds and Cougars.
Our original module only works with incandescent lamps, but we now have a new version compatible with LED or incandescent lamps!
It automagically detects your vehicle's kind of lamps and performs its own timing calculations!
Perfect flash rate garuanteed becasue it measures the car's flash rate and adjusts to match.
Comes with a set of easy instructions; no soldering.

Visit BlinkBlink.com for pictures and more info

Impedance Meter

Coming soon! Test for impedance, capacitance and more on speakers, capacitors, resistors, and inductors.

For over 10 years, running a repair shop, I always wanted an improved speaker tester: something portable that can measure impedance and drive the speaker at a reasonably loud level. Nothing like this is on market, so we made one!
This impedance meter uses microprocessor to achieve better than 1% accuracy. It can drive loudspeakers down to 1 Hz and above 20 kHz, it has selectable frequency, and it reads out impedance.
Since the device is capable of impedance measurements, it can also test capacitors, resistors, and inductors. With the use of clever software, the meter will tell you which of those three you are testing, the magnitude of impedance, and the phase angle.
If you are testing a capacitor, the meter can tell you the capacitance, equivalent series resistance, and parallel leakage. You can even use the meter in circuit, if you do no apply a voltage. This makes it very useful for finding bad capacitors. Capacitors can short, leak, dry up and change value, or acquire ESR and become useless. The meter can detect all of these problems.
Since this meter was originally designed as a speaker tester, there is a lower limit on the size of capacitor that can be tested. Typically, a cap of less than 1F cannot be accurately measured. However, electrolytic capacitors of this size are uncommon. The meter has no trouble measuring very, very large electrolytic capacitors.
I've used impedance ESR meters for years, but they only tell you the ESR. This one tells you ESR and capacitance on the same screen.
When testing speakers, our meter has enough power output to direct drive multi woofer systems and see the cones move. Our meter will drive as low as 1Hz, so it's easy to see the cones move in same direction, which is important for multiple woofer speakers like the Revel Ultima Salon 2 or Pro sound applications using multiple woofers.

B-ALERT 3rd Brake Light Modulator

For cars with three brake lights

Bad drivers getting you down? Always having to pump your brakes to make sure people notice you?
The B-ALERT modulator will automatically strobe your third brake light every time you press the pedal.
That's right! Now your car will have those annoying, attention-getting, life-saving flashing brake lights that you see on new vehicles.
But that's not all! It's adjustable for SPEED and DURATION! Hours of fun for the obsessive compulsive.
Comes with easy instructions. No soldering.

GASS gauge corrector

For Impalas

If you have an Impala SS, you know the gas gauge is faulty. It will say "full" for the first 100-150 miles, then drop like a rock.
Maybe the low fuel light came on when the car was new, but never again. The gauge is correct; the problem is in the tank where the sending unit is aging.
This module is designed to adjust your gauge for your aging sending unit.
It's not perfect, but it's a lot easier and cheaper than replacing your sending unit.
Comes with easy instructions.


Video/SPDIF/Audio sensor for home automation

Home automation systems require that you know if a piece of equipment is on or off in order to control it. Recent changes in cable boxes have removed the switch AC outlet, which makes things difficult.
We developed, tested and sell a sensor that detects the presence of digital audio, composite video, or component video.
It can be configured to deliver a dry relay contact or 12V.
Price: $100. Optional power supply: $15.
Read the manual for more information.