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Below is a list of items that we may or may not still have for sale. However, we will often post items for sale on Audiogon or ebay without adding them here. By following the links below you can view specialized searches on Audiogon and Ebay that list equipment we currently have for sale.

Proceed AMP-5
Amplifier (5 channel)

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For sale is a recently upgraded Proceed Amp-5. All of the channels have been upgraded; had all the typical heat stressed parts replaced with reliable versions. This unit is in nearly perfect cosmetic condition. The front panel has a couple of pin head sized paint chips, and the edges show a little wear. This is a great opportunity to own one of the best multi channel amps ever made. 

The Proceed AMP-5 will arrive to you in an original box and packaging and will come with an AC cord.

A selection from Audio Video Revolution:

The Proceed AMP 5 is a five-channel, single chassis THX-certified, power amplifier rated at 125 watts x 5 into 8 ohms and 250 watts x 5 into 4 ohms. The AMP 5 is the perfect partner for Proceed's AV preamp, the AVP. The Proceed AMP 5 accepts both balanced and unbalanced signals, changeable by the flip of a switch. This feature is of special importance for those planning to use a Proceed AVP, as the AVP outputs a combination of balanced and unbalanced outputs, not just one or the other.

Other cool features equipped on an AMP 5 include five separate power supplies as opposed to sharing one or two power supplies across all five channels. This makes for a much more stable high end amplifier. The Proceed AMP 5 has six stages of amp protection to keep you from ever experiencing the utter depression of smoking your amp and/or toasting any of your loudspeakers. 

When Levinson and Proceed were built by Madrigal in Connecticut, the designs were very similar. The AMP5 and HPA2/3 share the same chassis and design, so the AMP5 has no relation to the similarly named, older AMP2/3. Here is your chance to own a 5 channel amp with all the build quality of a Levinson. Arguably a better amp than the current Levinson No535H.

Shipping Weight - 112 lbs.

AudiogoN Bluebook used price reference

Lexicon RV-8
Receiver (7.1 channels)

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The $6995 RV-8 was the only receiver to come out of Lexicon. Forget about the thinly re-badged, made-in-Korea RV-5.
A true receiver: it is the only Lexicon with a phono input, amplifer or tuner.
The amp section is special. The CROWN built amp is 140 WPC, the the RV-8 is almost an LX-7. The RV-8 makes real power all the time earning the THX ultra2 mark. Unlike modern receivers that fudge their power ratings, claiming lots of power with 2 channels driven but very little total power.
Unlike earlier MC-4/8/12, the RV-8 is new enough to have video up-conversion to component, but lacks HDMI.
Making up for no HDMI, there are TWO 5.1 RCA input sets.
Speaking of audio inputs, there are so many on the back. 8 digital audio (4 coax, 4 toslink), and 8 analog.
Video inputs abound too, 5 composite, 5 S-video, 3 component.
And so many outputs. Not just 7 speaker outputs but a full set of 7.1 pre-amp outputs too. Plus the RV-8 has 5 video outputs, 3 with OSD and two without.
Then add Zone outputs. Send your inputs to zone 2 or zone 3, inluding video. Zone 2 even has variable audio level.
Then add the two trigger outputs. These can be set by menu to trigger on anything from input selected to audio format detected.
This RV-8 has all the latest revisions. As built the RV-8 had a few weaknesses that are quickly overcome. The power supply was replaced with a fan cooled version. The power transformer bracket was replaced with a thicker gauge steel. The software version 2.01 (not 2.0001) corrected intermittent center dropouts.
The updates were performed by Pyramid Audio, one of the two LEXICON regional servicers in the USA. A performance verification sheet is supplied.

The RV-8 is easily converted to 240 volt operation. Let us know if you want this done. (no extra fee)

More information on Lexicon's RV-8 page.

Shipping Weight - 70 lbs.

AudiogoN Bluebook used price reference

Lexicon LX-7
Amplifier (7 channels)

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My favorite of the Lexicon amplifiers. This Crown-built amplifier rated at 200W per channel is surprisingly lightweight. It has two internal 5” fans that are inaudible under almost any condition. So is the very low noise floor. This amp has a signal-to-noise ratio of over 115dB and vanishingly low distortion as well, typically less than 0.0050% at 10W.
The billet aluminum front panel is flawless, but the black top cover has minor flaws. It has been cleaned and tested, and all channels are in perfect condition.

From the Lexicon website,
Designed to exacting standards, the LX-7 and LX-5 provide top performance and power even under the most rigorous operating conditions. With extensive protection circuitry, they deliver maximum performance without risking failure. The strong industrial design makes these amplifiers perfect companions for Lexicon processors and disc players.
The LX amplifiers deliver ample power in a compact package. With individual amplifier cards, each channel drives an impressive 200 watts into 8 ohms, and is stable into 2 ohms. Bridgeable architecture makes it possible to drive even higher-power outputs, combining up to four 200-watt channels into two imposing 400-watt channels. Each 200-watt channel is capable of driving loudspeaker impedances of 2 ohms and above, while each 400-watt channel can drive impedances of 4 ohms and above. Massive toroidal power transformers and several oversized capacitors allow the amplifiers to retain ample power reserves even when all channels are delivering maximum output.

AudiogoN Bluebook used price reference

Levinson No380S

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For Sale is a Levinson No380S. New main board and capacitors!
I don’t believe in replacing capacitors just because someone said it would sound better. But every manufacturer gets a bad batch of parts sometimes. When electrolytic caps leak, they leak conductive corrosive fluid. When it gets between layers of the circuit board there is no repair if is it's bad enough.
If you own classic equipment, call your authorized warranty station every few years to ask about updates to your collection. In this case it would have prevented the loss of the $2400 main board in this No380s.

Your purchase includes an $800 No380 remote! Identical to the No380s remote in all but color.
Shipping Weight - 35 lbs.

AudiogoN Bluebook used price reference

JBL Synthesis 276Nd
Compression driver

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Identical in performance to the JBL professional 2426H, the 276Nd has the legacy model numbering reminiscent of classic JBL home versions: 175 275 375 376.
Use in the JBL Synthesis speakers required a few improvements for ultra high end use. There is the obvious change from ferrite to the shielded Neodymium magnet structure. Not so obvious is the permanent 1-3/8 threaded throat.

Read more in the JBL 2426H manual.

JBL Synthesis 1500AL

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Amazing build quality, awesome sound, stupendous output woofer. Used in the JBL K2-S9900.
They are extraordinary similar to the 1501AL, except the Everest uses 2 1501's while the K2 has one 1500AL. So the DC impedance of the 1500AL is lower at 4.7 ohms, and it is called an 8 ohm woofer. I have only seen these available in other markets and for a short time.
Want to build your version of the $40,000 K2-S9900? Here is a good start.

Read more at Audio Heritage.

From the JBL literature...
On several occasions in the 60-year history of JBL®, the company’s engineers have been given the freedom to pursue pure sonic accuracy, wholly unconstrained by cost considerations and other inhibiting factors. From the influential Hartsfield monaural loudspeaker of 1954 to the first of the acclaimed Project K2® systems in 1990, each of JBL’s Project loudspeakers has been a milestone on the road to audio perfection, achieving ever-higher levels of performance, thus making these speakers objects of intense desire among audiophiles across the globe. The Project Everest DD66000 loudspeaker system doesn’t merely reassert JBL’s technological leadership, design aesthetic and manufacturing prowess for a new generation of music lovers. It literally embodies our passion for music. Begun in 2002 and completed for the company’s 60th anniversary in 2006, Project Everest is quite simply the most exquisite musical instrument JBL has ever constructed, delivering the highest level of musical fidelity. Once again fulfilling founder James B. Lansing’s vision of creating beautiful, high-performance home loudspeakers.

JBL Synthesis 1501AL

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Amazing build quality, awesome sound, stupendous output woofer. Used in the DD66000 Everest MK2. They are extraordinary similar to the 1500AL's, except the Everest uses 2 1501AL's while the K2 has one 1500AL. So the impedance of the 1501AL is higher, and it is considered a 12 ohm woofer. I have only seen these available in other markets and for a short time.
Want to build your version of the $60,000 K2-S9900? Here is a good start. $1900 each

Read more at Audio Heritage.

If you look at the lower left corner of the box, you can see that the included woofer is actually a 1501AL. They are sealed in their boxes, but they look just like the 1500AL's.

Levinson No40

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For Sale are some No40 remote controls.

They work best with Levinson No40's.

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